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2010-07-10 12:39:07 by Deathwiller

So, yeah, I have not been very active, have I.
Anyway, I had a time, where my inspiration was... lacking. (mostly because I promised a game, and I finished it and was traumatizing, etc.)
So I have been back in business, and making some stuff up. I have made some art, and still making. Am learning a lot. And You can expect some flash coming from me.

oh, fuck it, expect more delays

Stonking great.

2008-10-15 08:28:33 by Deathwiller

Delayed, my animation has been delayed by 3 weeks. That's just great.
Some guy: Why this totally sweet animation has been delayed by 3 weeks?
Me: Because the world are filled with assholes. And I had a lot of other things to work on, so... Yeah.

Originaly I wanted the miniatures to be released every 2 weeks, but the feedback on my last animation told me to work more on it. So I couldnt have done it in 2 weeks. As you can see, the animation has greatly improved.

Now I have to make animations for my friends game... Not telling anything about it. So the next animation-work you will see from me will be in about.... 1-2 months. The script for my next animation ''Miniature: Pets'' is somewhat done. It will have more animation and action than the ''miniature: ninja''. You havent seen it? WTF? Go see it now HERE:

Anyway.... I make these miniatures to keep myself practise until I release my semi-big project. (hope I will finish it) Anyway, all is Stonking Great, and have a nice day.

P.S. The cake is NOT a lie. ^_^