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Triangle n' Octagon 2 Triangle n' Octagon 2

Rated 4 / 5 stars

We have come to a full circle. *drumshot*

I actually enjoyed this piece very much. Not only you showed the sequel, the actual continuation from the first Triangle n' octagon, you managed to do it with with very humorous..... humour.
However, I found a small hole in your plot. In the 1st movie, Derrick was killed, by.... well... killing his grandfather - a.i. - The sequel. However he said "How am I gonna support my family?" - That means he HAD a family - > He had children -> Derricks father actually was born, thus negating the grandfather paradox principle. Maybe I am just over-analysing this.
I loved the accompanied music, even with such graphical limitations- your voice acting provided with the music, made me shed a tear. Kudos for you, just for that.

WGJ4K: Confirmed 4 Brawl WGJ4K: Confirmed 4 Brawl

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Sigh. Oh, well...

It seems to me, that this series have been your main subject material for this year. Let me start off, by saying: You have talent, no doubt about it. However I highly disagree the usage of this talent for these series, where I am going to review this series for a next few paragrahps.

The animation and graphical quality is there,no problem there. However the main issue is a massive barrage of thought problems:
As I understand, this is supposed to be a self-conscious "show", where the characters have a comprehension of the shows situation. There is no problem with the basic idea, but you have executed it so.... not-well, that it falls under it's own weight.
The gist is the "Humour paradox", that you are trying to achieve, (The less funny it is, paradoxicly it is funny how unfunny it is) added with the self self-conscious effect of breaking the 4th wall and parodying itself.
However the attempt to make effect above is so obvious, that it is breaking the core mind of this idea (in my personal viewpoint). It loses it's credibility with constant repetition, failed storytelling/pacing (dragging things too long (With a exception of this episode)), and cheap insults with a lot of swear words. Speaking of which...
Using foul language as humour is most effective when used unexpected, and in un-reasonable situations. However tossing words left and right feels like beating a dead horse, with a fancy walking stick. It might be funny for some people, but... meh... But I think the biggest problem is the fact, that this work is in a loophole of self-parody, which breaks the main intention itself.
I consider this episode the peak of this series, because this episode is attempting quick-paced hit-and-miss humour(in my opinion:better). (Therefore this might be the best episode in comparison)

Here is a healthy advice: abandon this project, (ok, maybe just finish it with a episode or two) start something new, experiment with new ideas. Because I can tell: Making good video-game jokes, isn't really your cup of tea.
I consider WGJ4K a waste your talent, I know you can do better than that, and you will.
I hope you start your rehabilitation from this project, and achieve greatness, that you deserve.
Best of wishes.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

eeej dirst.

LabaJs!!! Beidzot kads latvietis uztaisiijis augsha ko loti kvalitativu... laikam .
*Cough* *cough* Sorry.
I will be posting the rest of the review in english so people can actually read it.
The quality of the animation was very good, was a very high quality and timing was.... somewhat decent. However, the plot and the events seemed boring and uninspired. I mean the quality is really good, but there is no events or plot to drive the viewer to keep watching. I cant give you a higher score because it seemed pointless. Maybe it had a deeper artistic meaning, but I failed to grasp it.
Keeping that aside- Good job! You are quite talanted.

gzilbalodis responds:

Redzu ka neesmu seit vienigais.

Ask Raptor Jesus Ask Raptor Jesus

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Political debate shows in a nutshell

I consider this a fine satire of the basics in political shows. You don't need to have a great understanding of politics in Australia to understand some of the jokes. There is always one politician who cant comprehend the situation and evades a touchy subject by talking about things that don't matter, which you pulled off very nicely. There is the guy who demands the answers (Rage melon). And of course you have the humour relieve characters like Captain Planet and Raptor Jesus, who symbolizes the epic bullshit that is politics. I may be missing the point, but that is my interpretation.
Of course the animation and the voice acting is very nice (very professionaly made), and thumbs up for the randomness in the end. I was not expecting that. There is a thin line between stupid randomness humour and Epic randomness humour, and you, my friend, have nailed it on the epic one. It was unexpected, quickly timed and fast, like it should be.
Sir, you never cease to amaze me with your well-played, slightly off humour. Keep up the great work.

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Sexual-Lobster responds:

thanks deathwiller, you're not far off. tony abbott frequently refers to himself as an "iron man", is a fitness junkie (hence the flexing) and is also frequently photographed in his lifesaving costume - the pole dance is an attempt to parody a public figure being photographed almost naked knowing full well the photos will be huge publicity for him.

and both sides of politics are trying their best to avoid talking about climate change so thats why captain planet is on the panel.

Stenchu Stealth Shinobi 2 Stenchu Stealth Shinobi 2

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I have no Idea what to say

It is really hard to decide where to start this review.
Ok... As it seems to me it is a typical shouen-type (probbably misspelt it) cartoon, with ninjas or samurais in it. I can tell where you got the inspiration for the main character. It felt pretty generic.... I couldn't grasp the feeling of the story or the pacing of the story and events. It didnt give me a impression, the impact that something is happening.
The writing is cheap, and I mean seriously cheap Filled with the most typical one-liners of battles - like ''I will avenge the people''. It isnt well thought out writing and your story-telling abilities are not the best. To help the pacing, story you must make that the viewer would ''get the feeling'' of your cartoon. Maybe if throw a short flashback of the ''Avenging character'' the plot would seem more plausible. The character needs motives, you cant just put labels like "He is bad, therefore I must kill him". Seriously - More character development and pacing.

Second of all the voice acting was below average, and you cant balance the volumes of the voices I couln't tell what certain character said. The subtitles saved it... but not by much.
Although the animation feels not right (did not hold my beliefs), it was rather.... decent. The style was wierd, but acceptable.

Bottom line: Terrible writing, Bad audio, decent animation. Author had no Idea for a actual plot, author intended a animation of a kakashi-looking ninja killing a bunch of stuff.

But in the end - It kept me entertained.

What you should do: Dont force stupid jokes (zelda (if you do, just make it short)), have more character development (motives, backstory), fix the audio, and think of pacing more. (some Scenes rusher, while other scenes were dragging in it).

I see a lot of potential in you.... Good luck!

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Rikimaru-Azlar responds:

I agree that short punchy ideas will be received better. It was quite deadpan but the original tenchu (psx) was like that, all Rikimaru does is preach in one liners, but bearing that in mind, I will take it to the extremes and adapt it further. I will also work on the voice overs. This episode hints at themes that will be explained in more detail next time. If you look up tenchu 1, you'll learn a bit more about the characters, Rikimaru is the spitting image of Kakashi/Takashi(?) maybe the character inspired the Naruto character. I'm glad it entertained you, my main focus was on the action and clever shots, next time I'll balance the comedy a bit more. Thanks for the review

Chicken Sammich Chicken Sammich

Rated 2 / 5 stars

My spidey sense is tingling....

I smell potential.... Dont get sad if this one kind of fails, because it was short, and felt a little bit empty. I liked the style and concept of the presentation.
I think you should keep making these cartoons, however.... Read my advice:
*Find fitting background music for the entire animation ( I think instrumental, neat music would do)
*Dont make single shorts, If you like making shorts, Make a lot of them and compile them in a movie.
*A little lowder, and if the background stays the same (for all your movies) color it ( I mean the TV) and add details.

Overall: It was nice, cute, but this was too short. Put more effort.
Good luck~! Dont give up!

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8bitprodigy responds:

thanks for the support, and advice, im not too keen on making cartoons with colors, and ya, i do think it needs some elevator music and to be louder. thanks again!

Skeleton Jack Skeleton Jack

Rated 5 / 5 stars

What to say,

It has been a Loong time since I have seen a Great movie, like this one. It is filled with thrill, adventure, fun. It is a movie everyone might enjoy, unlike these days (where is just retarded jokes).
I enjoyed this movie to the full extent. Originality, Animation, story, Fun - It has all of it. It didnt need dialoge or monolouge. It is a trully classical Flash animation. I wish people make more movies like this.
In short: One of the most amusing shits I have ever laid my eyes on.... in these last 3 months.
Keep up the amazing work. Cheers ^_^

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Rectangle & Iso Triangle Rectangle & Iso Triangle

Rated 3 / 5 stars

This is an exceptional piece

Unlike other shape movies, this is one with I actually laughed at.
The audio is funny as hell, however the animation is.... just shapes! If you make a little ACTUAL animation (atleast lip syncing) it would be more recognized by me.

in short: Highly funny audio compensates the lack of animation.

But I guess it's the ''new big thing''. This was the best of all the shape dialoges.

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D2FX: Juicebox... D2FX: Juicebox...

Rated 5 / 5 stars


The story is well developed an the quality of the animation is high. I Truly enjoyed it. It has been a while since I have seen a animation of that quality. The Drawing isnt the best, however it is very well developed.

Keep up the good work.

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Chris & Harry Chris & Harry

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


It was well animated... It was good. I have never seen this style of animation. However i didnt expect it to be action-packed. But it was not perfect.
Suprisingly great.